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Sign the Petition

Sign the petition

Petitions are powerful. Below you will find a number of separate petitions all supporting our Mid-Wales protests.

It is important that you sign each and every one of them. You will also see equally important petitions from other parts of the United Kingdom, please give them your support because we are all fighting the same battle and together we will win it.

We call upon the National Assembly for Wales to urge the Welsh Government during its reform of the Welsh planning system, to ensure/guarantee that planning decisions will be taken at the most local level as possible to enable sufficient community engagement and support. Moreover, it encourages the Welsh Government to examine in detail, the impact that major infrastructure schemes have on Third Parties in Wales and considers the implementation of legislation to properly protect and compensate all Third Parties suffering actual loss from the construction, commissioning and operation of major infrastructure projects.

Conservation of Upland Powys – opposing windfarms etc. and TAN 8
”I oppose the industrialisation of our countryside, I object to the construction of windfarms and the associated infrastructure including substation, pylons and powerlines. I call on the Welsh Assembly Government and Westminster to stop this misguided waste of our money.”
People Against Pylons – opposing National Grid’s ‘Mid Wales Connection’
An end to the flawed technology of wind “farms” (added 07/06/11)
Wind “farm” technology is flawed and has been disproven. It’s “popular” because the huge corporations make vast profits from the subsidies available. If no other fact persuades you, our coldest spells of weather coincide with no or little wind and thus windfarms are redundant at times of peak demand – as happened in December.
Repeal the Climate Change Act (added 13/06/11)
The Climate Change Act [2008] is a catastrophic policy blunder, because it commits Britain, uniquely in the world, to a legally binding long-term framework to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 80% by 2050. This amounts to £734 billion, the most costly law ever put through Parliament. These targets are totally unrealistic and unobtainable without shutting down the British economy.
Plans to destroy the beauty of Mid Wales, Powys (added 16/06/11)
Plans are in progress to destroy the outstanding Natural beauty of Mid Wales, Powys. And they will be coming to an area near you soon! America, China, Spain, Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales are already suffering the devastating changes to their landscapes. Substations, Hubs, Pylons and Windfarms are to be built across the entire regions. The devastating effects this will have, will impact the Environment, Economics and health of all. And for what????

This is not Green Energy! – Say No! to this Power Madness.

Keep your homes and valleys Green and protect your communtities from unacceptable developments.!!! Join the voices of Wales, Britain and Worldwide.
Cambrian Mountains Society – opposition to Nant y Moch windfarm and TAN 8
We, the undersigned, request that Scottish and Southern Energy plc drops its plans for a wind power station at Nant y Moch and that the Infrastructure Planning Commission listens to local and national objections and declines permission for such a development. We also request that the importance of this scenic landscape is recognised by the Welsh Assembly Government by dropping it from the wind energy target areas.


Stop UK windfarm developement – to UK gov, Scottish parliament and Welsh and Irish Assemblies
In light of the many wide ranging concerns being raised by citizens and action groups across the UK, and the irrefutable international scientific evidence of the flawed technology,we, the undersigned, demand that the governing bodies of the United Kingdom (Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales) declare a UK-wide Moratorium on further wind farm development.
Vote to put power lines underground
Vast swathes of the British countryside are set to be blighted by hundred’s of super-pylons needed to carry electricity from offshore windfarms to the National Grid. Cherished views of outstanding national beauty from the Lake District to Snowdonia to Suffolk and Somerset will be scarred by National Grid’s intention to build nearly 1000 of the 160ft pylons. Pylons are technology that dates from the 1960’s and should be obsolete like typewriters. The UK is changing to renewable electricity generation but has no plans to change transmission technology. This is madness. All new power lines should go underground. The extra cost is very small about £10 per household for all the new power lines planned. We must protect our countryside for future generations and avoid the health risks of electromagnetic radiation.
Make Yorkshire Wolds (AONB) e-Petition (added 01/06/11)
The Yorkshire Wolds is currently under threat from the Wind Farm Industry. Applications to build major commercial developments are spreading accross the Wolds at an alarming rate and threaten to devalue this valued landscape. Here at the No to Wolds Wind Farm Group we already consider this area an Area of Outstaning Natural Beauty (AONB) but it has yet to be offically reconised as such. The Linconshire Wolds already benefits from this protection so why not the Yorkshire Wolds? Please help us to protect this rural landscape by signing our e-petition below, the area is big part of our heritage and adds greatly to the local economy with the many visitors attracted, by doing so you will help to put an end to The War on The Wolds. “We the undersigned request that the Yorkshire Wolds is protected with an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) status to help prevent the current spread of unwanted commercial developments”.


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